Think About These Things Before New Any New Skill

Learning a skill generates different reactions from several people. These different reactions are usually borne out of their experiences at practical efforts to learn a skill themselves. While some experiences are that of excitement and passion, disappointment and frustration have left some people bitter at the prospect of learning a skill in its entirety.

The reason for the differences in their attitude towards being skillful at a trade is not farfetched. It is due to the outcome they got from there. These outcomes in themselves are determined by several factors, which must be carefully and diligently by anyone seeking to pick up a skill and learn it to fruition. Else, frustration and disappointment at why things don’t seem to be working is going to make them feel learning a skill is altogether a bad idea.

Below are the factors which must be considered by anyone seeking to learn a skill.


One of the very first things to consider before picking up a new skill is your level of interest in the skill. Nothing can make up for a lack of interest in skill acquisition. However, if your level of interest in learning a particular skill is high, there is a huge likelihood that such exercise will be successful. One’s level of interest in learning a skill is based on personality preferences, however, this decision is as important as the whole process of learning a skill in itself, this is because the success or failure of the skill acquisition starts from this very simple decision.


One of the best decisions anyone can make is to choose to learn a marketable skill, a skill that can be further refined and innovatively distilled to seek out better ways to solve human problems. While choosing what skill to learn, there is no limit to the emphasis one can go be on the need to learn skills that can be used creatively to solve human problems over and over again in several innovative ways. This is what determines whether a skill is marketable or not. This definition is based on the premise that people care much less about things that won’t solve their problems but give much attention to things that make their life easier and their daily activities less stressful.

Time-frame of Relevance

There are some skills that their relevance is seasonal and time frame bound. If one is an expert in skills like that. One’s work will be restricted to some timeframe alone. For example, some skills used to be relevant which are now out of vogue, most likely because the subject matter of that skill is no more in use or has been made redundant by the advent of superior technology.


it is highly advisable while considering what skill to learn to go with skills that require a certain degree of specialization, this is advisable because you will be able to carve a niche for yourself and choose a specific area where you will be ridiculously skilled and competent. This will go a long way ensuring success rather than going for a skill that is too general and vague when it comes to specialty.

To sum it up

anyone seeking to learn a skill to fruition has to be determined and focused, anything short of this is not going to help, after all, the above-mentioned tips and factors have been considered, Determination has to be considered as the paramount factor, Passion will fail at some point, albeit, shortly in most cases, when that time comes, focus and determination will be the force that will keep you going amidst all odds and obstacles.