About the Organization

Skillup Africa is a graduate empowerment program that provides exceptionally talented individuals with intensive digital skills training, internship opportunity, and eventual job placement. It’s 4 – 6 months of intensive grooming that prepares candidates with both hard skills (digital skills) and soft skills (leadership, communication, and management skills).

About the Programme

The program is delivered in two main ways, first being the training where participants get to learn hard and soft skills that puts them clearly ahead of the park and secondly, work experience presented as an internship followed by job placements at reputable local and international organizations.

Cohort one features

– Frontend Development

– Backend Development

– Advanced Video editing

Training is provided both in-class and in self-paced modules by some of Nigeria’s very best. In addition to the trainers, support is provided by Mentors who are high achievers in the fields the trainees are learning on, commissioned to provide moral support throughout the learning process to the trainees.

At the end of the program, recruitment partners locally and internationally recruit from the pool of participants while Skillup Africa continues to provide support in the first year of employment to the participants. Job placements are certain for anyone who can make it into the program and graduate.

How to Apply

Click here to apply online


Participants do not need to pay upfront if they can’t afford it, repayment on the training cost can be made after the job placement

Residential, feeding and sporting facilities are also available.

Applications will be in 3 phases- Online registration, Online examination, and Bootcamp.


14th of March, 2020