Six Smart To-Do’s While Running Your Master's Degree

Getting a master’s degree in Nigeria has a lot of implications and challenges alike. However, that phase of life is one that is very important and should never be taken with levity, because most of what one would become for most of the rest of his years on earth is determined at that time.

For instance, majority of those who enroll for master’s degree usually do so at almost the same time as when critical issues like Marriage, Financial Freedom etc., that constitutes a successful life starts becoming an issue to deal with.

In light of the above stated, it is necessary to make good use of that limited time. Below are six smart things one can do within that short time frame that will later prove to be of immense help and great benefit as time goes by.

Review your career task map

It is expected that the word ‘career task map’ shouldn’t be new to you, If that’s the case, then, one of the smart things you won’t regret doing is to review and expand your career task. If necessary and if the idea of having a career starting point and destination is still foreign to you.

Then, it is not too late to have a review of your career task map and agree on where you want are going with your academic sojourn. Albeit, there are instances where a review is necessary. This happens in situations where due to one reason or the other, there is a change in the agreed course of study. In situations like this, one might need to build a new career task map altogether or review the existing one.

Work on having an absolutely passive stream of income

If you are a master’s student in Nigeria. It is expected that you are already aware of the harsh economic realities prevalent in the country, the large unemployment ratio, the dearth of government-sponsored opportunities and the likes. Being mindful of these hurdles, you will agree with me that one of the smart ways to get ahead in view of the aforementioned harsh realities is to have a passive stream of income that one can always rely on when all other things go bust.

This passive stream of income can be in several forms, depending on one’s strengths and abilities. It might be writing a book which will always bring in dividends, or you invest in landed properties while the rents paid on it will serve as the passive income you’ve wanted to achieve. The choice of what to do should be solely influenced by individual strength and preferences.

Network and build valuable relationships with essential people

Along with having a realistic and definite task map which comprises the starting point and most importantly, one’s career destination.

It is important to, also as a matter of urgency build valuable relationships with people who have the same career destination as yourself because you are likely to come across them on the way to achieving your goals, and when this happens, they will be in a good position to help you in whatever way they can, but this can only happen if you have built a good relationship with them over time.

Judging by the fact that the one common thing all those who intend to achieve the top spot in their chosen field are their quest for knowledge. In this wise, there is no better place where one can build good network which will be of good use in the future than the same institution that unites everyone.

Be a Master in your chosen field

There is a vast difference between being a master in one’s field and earning a master’s degree in one’s course of study. However, while striving to earn a master’s degree, it is important to also at the same time give it all it takes to be a master in one’s chosen field of study. This involves being up to date with the trends and innovations prevalent in one’s field. This will afford you the opportunity to take advantage of opportunities that might arise, if you have prepared yourself ahead.

Up skill

There is no doubt about the fact that having a master’s degree is a worthy achievement one should be proud of. However, It is important to also empower yourself with other skill-sets. Value delivery is the key to cash flow. It is crucial that aside from one course of study.

There is at least one other thing you know how to do, and which you can do so well without defects or errors. This skill can as well be skills within the ambit of your course of study or totally outside of it. All that is needful is that it be relevant in this age and time.

Navigate for opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, dressed in a task-like garment and carrying an unfriendly facade waiting for only the daring ones. The time you are currently enrolled as a Master’s Student allows you to try a lot of options, apply for scholarships, part-time internships or  voluntary services, attend conferences and participate in community development services. These things would add to your real life experience, add to your skills set and could be a life-changing encounter.

In all

The most important “To-Do” during your M.Sc., MBA, or M.Ed. is to stay active, to create enough leverage that could be help you to lead the life of your dream afterward. More qualification is rarely synonymous to more competence, classrooms barely built productive men.