Few things could come with a lot of headaches like that of starting a career and job in Nigeria especially with the increasing economic effect of COVID-19 on businesses

Considering the increasing rate of unemployment, and the economic issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemics, anyone willing to join the labour market needs to understand the demands in the Nigerian labour market before settling for a career choice. This article seeks to offer an insight to young people who are at the verge of making career decisions.

 In this article, we will be exploring some of the jobs that have relatively high demands in Nigeria for anyone willing to start a career and those that are interested in jobs with more opportunities.

Sales / Marketing Jobs

 No doubt, one of the easiest jobs to find in Nigeria is sales jobs. In as much as every organization is interested in selling, the need to have a strong sales team cannot be overemphasized.

 The predominance of sales jobs in Nigeria has been borne out of the fact that Nigeria is an emerging economy. With less manufacturing and higher distribution companies in the country, the demand for salesperson has been on the increase.

Popular sales positions in Nigeria

 Sales roles are known with various names with varieties of job descriptions;

  • Sales Specialist
  • Marketing Officer
  • Marketer
  • Business Development Officer/ Executive
  • Area Sales Representative/Manager
  • Territory Sales Representative/Manager
  • Direct Sales Agent
  • Field Sales Representative/Executive
  • Financial Advisor (mostly used in Insurance),
  • Client Officer among others.

Skills required for sales/marketing jobs

  • Communication skill
  • persuasive, selling and negotiation skills
  • Strong social capital
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Ability to take ownership
  • ability to meet set targets are important skills to possess.

 Salaries for marketing or sales jobs in Nigeria varies from industries and are usually affected by recruiting policy. The outsourcing of marketing role recruitment in Nigeria affects pay. Some organizations give commission on every sale recorded while some do not.

Digital Marketing Jobs

 Just like the internet and social media dominance in our lives, digital marketing jobs are fast dominating Nigerian job portal. Many people depend on online sources to make their purchases, form their opinion on a product, and make their decisions. More opportunities are being borne out of the growth of the internet on a daily basis. Every organization strives to exploit the vast opportunities online to promote their businesses, gain more customers, and retain old ones. Hence, creating the need for  digital marketing jobs in Nigeria.

 Popular digital marketing jobs

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • SEO Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Officer/ Specialist/ Executive
  • Blogger
  • Pay Per Click Specialist
  •  E-commerce Specialist
  • CMS (WordPress) Administrator
  • Blogger
  • Email Marketing Executive/Specialist

Getting a digital marketing job in Nigeria requires proven skills and experience in the specific area (s) of digital marketing. Coursera, Udemy, Linkedin Learn, Youtube, and other online learning platforms have various coursesondigitalmarketing. These courses help to master the technical skills required to start a digital marketing job in Nigeria.

 Salaries for digital marketing jobs in Nigeria varies from industries but a digital marketing personnel could earn up to #200,000.

Teaching Jobs

 Education has been a compulsory right of every Nigerian citizen. The increase in the number of schools by government and private individuals has seen to the corresponding increase in demand for teachers.

 Qualifications required for teaching jobs in Nigeria

  • a certificate in Education (it could be NCE, B. Ed or PGDE),
  • significant experience in teaching and
  • certification by the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN).

Other essential skills for teaching jobs in Nigeria;

  • an impeccable communication skill,
  • ability to lead and impact knowledge, and
  • emotional intelligence.

The high demand but few numbers of qualified teachers has seen to the employment of graduates with no core requirements for teaching.

Factors responsible for teachers’ salary in Nigeria

  • Ownership (government or private)
  • location of the school
  • population and popularity of the school
  • level of qualification and experience of the individual teacher.

 In cities such as Lagos and Abuja, a private school teacher could earn up to a #100,000. 

Information Technology Jobs

 The advent of technology in every aspect of an organization is enough reason for Information technology jobs to be of great demand in Nigeria. The adoption of technology has simplified operation, reduce cost, increase efficiency, and remove human errors.

 Graduates with backgrounds in Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are usually more preferred for IT job roles in Nigeria. With the increase in technological discoveries, people from other fields with top-notch skills in various aspects of technology are usually considered for IT roles as well.

Specializations in IT

There are one thousand and one areas of specialization in IT and more are emerging as new days come by. Few instances of trending technology job roles that anyone can consider for starting a career in information technology are;

  • Network Administration
  • Programming
  • IT consultancy
  • Web Development
  • Data Science,
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Information Security
  • Database Management
  •  Artificial Intelligence.

One could earn up to #200,000 monthly working in IT space depending on skills and competencies.

Accounting and Finance Jobs

 Vacancy for Account Officers, Accountants, Finance Managers, Account Clerks is inexhaustible in Nigerian career websites.

 The high demand for accounting professionals in Nigeria labour market have been borne out of the increasing need by both full-fledge and start-up establishments to have a proper financial policy and also manage their tax issues.

 Accounting and Finance profession is being regulated by several professional bodies such as ICAN, CFA, CIBN, who admit members into the profession and also regulate practice.

 Membership of the accounting profession is open to anyone especially those with an academic background in business-related and numerate courses. However, anyone willing to start a career in accounting and finance would be required to enroll and pass examinations organized by the regulatory bodies.

Creative Jobs

Every organization wants to create a compelling brand, entice prospective customers, beat their competitors, and keep up with the trends in the digital space. Hence, the need for creative professionals becomes imminent.

Specializations in Creative Profession

Creative job roles are ever bourgeoning in Nigeria’s job space. Amongst them are;

  • Graphics Design
  • Product Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • UI/UX Design
  • Illustration
  • Cartooning
  • Fashion Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Technical Writing
  • Sculpture
  • Floral Design
  • Cinematography
  • Animation etc.

Gone are the days when creative jobs in Nigeria are reserved for those who studied Fine Art, Art and Design, and other related courses in school. In recent times, the learning and mastering of required skills can have anyone from any discipline opt for the creative industry.


Making an informed decision is of strategic importance to success, likewise choosing a field with more and increasing demand is immunity against unemployment. Getting jobs in Nigeria might seem difficult but learning the right skills can help in achieving a dream job role in the Nigerian labour market.