Nowadays, many people find it hard to stick to the same thing for long, they tend to give up on it after one or two little challenges and this is what consistency is about. Consistency is a characteristic you have to put into practice to be successful in life. The most important key to thriving in life is to stay consistent. If you’re one of those people who find it hard to achieve their goals due to lack of consistency, below are some tips that would help you to stay consistent to achieve your desired goal

Ask the foremost question; what am I passionate about?

Firstly, you need to ask yourself this question in order to find pleasure in whatever you’re doing, this will always be your motivation in the pursuit of your goals. If you don’t find pleasure in what you do, there’s a high chance that you’ll get frustrated if things don’t go your way at times but if you’re passionate about it, you won’t get tired of doing it, after all it’s what you like doing. Once you’ve identified what you like to do, align it with your goal and work towards achieving it.

Set Achievable Goals

One of the problems people have about staying consistent is that they set unrealistic goals. If you set goals that are way too big for you, you’ll eventually end up getting tired when you’re unable to achieve it. If your goal is smaller, you’re likely to stick to it because it will most likely give the results you want. So, you need to set your goals according to your capability to make you achieve them effortlessly.

Create a schedule for yourself

To master the act of consistency, you have to create a schedule for yourself to keep track of your progress. Create a list of things you need to do and follow it up closely. Having a routine will make it easier for you to know what next on your to-do list without one affecting the other.

Stay Committed

Consistency also involves staying committed. If you take whatever you’re doing as a responsibility you must perform, there’s no way you won’t be consistent with it. Dedicate your time to whatever it is you’re doing and give it your full attention to achieve your desired goal.

Avoid Negative people

Yes, you need to avoid negative people if you want to be consistent. Always try to stay away from people whose mindset are always negative because they will always find something negative to say about whatever you’re doing. Surrounding yourself with negative will hinder your progress while being around positive will motivate you and help you to be steadfast in achieving your goals.

Be Flexible

Being flexible here means you should be quick to adapt to changes. There are times you’ll need to change plans due to certain challenges, if you’re the kind of person that takes long to adapt to new changes, you’ll become frustrated and the urge to quit creeps in. Always have it in mind that things might not always work the way you’ve planned it, that’s why you need to be flexible in order to accept new plans without getting fed up.


Whatever you find yourself doing in life, you have to master the act of consistency and staying consistent requires lots of practice. Being consistent will not only make you successful in whatever you do but also make you find whatever you’re doing interesting.