9 Profitable Businesses You can do as an Undergraduate Student

If you have ever been broke in school, you would agree with me that having a business you can earn from is very crucial, and being in school is more fun when you have enough money. Asides from this, I know you also hate the idea of waiting for a job after graduation as much as I hate it.

Having this in mind, I have written this article to show you 9 profitable businesses, which require little or no capital that you can do and earn from as a student. Take your time and read through.

Laundry Business

This is a very lucrative business student engage in. Some students, especially males find it hard to do their laundry by themselves after spending long hours reading and attending classes, this creates a business opportunity for other students who have some free time and can leverage it on making money. If people realize they can drop their clothes, and get it on time and get this service at an affordable price, there’s a high probability they would patronize your laundry business.

House Cleaning Service

It’s no surprise that some students are used to maids doing all their household chores for them at home. Because of this, they might find it stressful to clean their houses by themselves. This creates an opportunity for you to do it for them and charge them for it. You can also expand your service to people staying around the school vicinity who are always busy to clean their homes. Some people would also need your service when they are relocating and they need someone to clean their new houses for them.

Freelance writing

Yes, you can get paid for writing. If you are a good writer, you can write articles for people’s websites or blogs and get paid. There are freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr, that give people the avenue to meet clients who are looking for the service of a writer. You can also start your own blog and choose a niche you’re comfortable with and start writing.


Dropshipping gives you the opportunity to act as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. When someone needs a product, you can get it for them from the original seller and add your own little profit to it.  Dropshipping works in a way that the buyer won’t even know you’re not the real seller.

E-commerce platforms such as Ali Express and Ali baba makes dropshipping easier and more lucrative while involving little or no income to get started.

Personal Chef

You can offer the service of cooking for people if you’re good at it, this saves your customers stress by themselves. You can deliver prepared meals or help them cook it at their house, according to how your client wants it. You have to be sure you are a good cook before agreeing to offer cooking services for people.

Graphics Design

This is one of the digital skills students engage in to earn money these days. You can learn the skill and help people design flyers, logos, business cards, etc and earn. You can also work as a freelance graphics designer and open an Upwork or Fiverr account to meet clients in need of your service.

Errand Service

Yes! Errand service. It may sound odd to you but it is a service people earn from these days. It has been in existent for a long time now. There are many busy people out there who would need this service to help them handle their to-do list. It can be to get groceries from the supermarket, drop or pick up clothes from the dry cleaner, drop or pick up their kids from school, etc.

Home Tutoring

There are parents looking for people to tutor their children after school, you can offer this service to those in need and get paid. If there’s a particular course you’re very good at, you can also render tutoring service to your colleagues to help them get through the course.

Social Media Influencing

Social media offers great opportunities for people. You can build your own social media accounts and help people promote their brands and earn money. You can also build your own brand if you have a wide social media outreach.

Bottom Line

Have in mind that you can run any of this business and still concentrate and make it well in your studies, you just have to create a balance between the two and don’t let one affect the other. Whichever one you have decided to do, you have to be sure you are passionate about it and you’re good at it to avoid frustration.