We all believe in the fast-growing nature of the digital world but not all tend to utilize the opportunities avail to us by the current digital technologies. However, as much as technology and internet access continue to pose challenges to the development of the youth, it has been changing the lives of youth positively. it has been providing unlimited opportunities ranging from learning, employment, development, education, entertainment among others.

The smartphone is one of the pronounced digital technologies that have made everything reachable to us through touch. It has occupied a huge part of our daily lives and activities and there is no doubt that smartphone is one of the first things youth look at when they wake up in the morning and it is the last thing they see before they go to bed at night. To optimally utilize a smartphone as a youth, this article will categorically analyze eight (8) smart mobile apps you must have on your smartphones.

1. Social Media Mobile Apps

There is no doubt that the world today is dependent on social media. It is quite difficult to see someone who doesn’t use social media. And as such, social media has become a very important part of our life. With social media, you can make connectivity with people across the world. Once connected to social media, you can get to know the latest information and updates of the happenings within and outside your locality. For students, It also avails the best opportunities for learning and also an avenue to keep in touch with old friends and mentors.

Judging with the current nature of the labor market in Nigeria, it is evident that social media has been the only way Nigeria youth can hunt and apply for numerous jobs simultaneously. For example, LinkedIn is mostly used by job seekers and employee seekers in the world today. For those that choose to be self-employed with business and handwork, social media is the best way to create awareness or sell their brands.

Here are some smart and common social media mobile apps that can keep you updated and connected.

1. WhatsApp
2. Facebook
3. Telegram
4. Instagram
5. LinkedIn
6. Twitter
7. YouTube

2. Search Engines Apps

There is a saying that “No one is a monopoly of knowledge”. It is impossible to know everything and at the same time remember everything we know. The internet today contains a great wealth of information available for the development of one’s self and achieving an individual’s goals and dreams. The search engines will provide users with the information they are seeking.

With the use of web search engines, it is very easy for you to go online and search for anything that bothers you. If you are not familiar with certain things, you can easily go online and learn how to go about it. For instance, with Google, I can categorically say that you get answers to any question you have and get help or guideline for anything you wish to engage in.

There are lots of search engine mobile apps, but here are some common search engines mobile apps you can install on your smartphones.

1. Google
2. Yahoo Search
3. Bing
4. Search Engine Land

3. Dictionary

Obviously, in the world we live today, the rate at which people own or consult dictionaries has reduced drastically. But with the advancement of technology, we can easily access the dictionary with just a click. As such, using the dictionary undoubtedly helps us know the proper spelling and meaning of any word. There are lots of dictionary applications that don’t require internet connection, so I believe it will be a smart move to utilize such an opportunity. Aside from the fact that you can get answers to any question via search engines, you can easily utilize the offline version of the digital dictionary anywhere and anytime without the fear of internet connection.

Below are the top free English offline dictionaries you can install on your smartphones for quick reference.

1. Merriam-Webster
2. English Offline dictionary
3. Urban dictionary
4. Dict Box pro
5. The free dictionary

4. Bank Mobile Apps

Why go through the stress of queuing and time-wasting when convenience is just a click away. With the advent of online banking, transactions such a transferring of funds, payment of school fees, paying bills, online purchases among others can be easily done at the comfort of your home, at work, or on the go. The bank mobile apps for the smartphone have made it possible to monitor your accounts regularly; possible to contact the bank and get a response within minutes; possible to access your statement of account and many more.

5. News Mobile Apps

Getting informed and updated is one of the major opportunities your smartphones can give to you. Since the traditional news medium is fading off due to the advent of the internet, we can now have full access to first-hand news with just a click. With the rate of fake news on social media platforms, the News Apps are other tools to confirm broadcasts and information online.

Here are some News mobile Apps that can help you keep your finger on the pulse of Nigeria and abroad.

1. Opera News
2. The Guardian
3. Google News
4. Punch Mobile
5. channelstv Mobile
6. This Day Live
7. The Nation Nigeria
8. Amebo
9. TVC News
10. The sources(sport)
11. BBC News

6. Data Saver/Backup Apps

I believe you must have experienced a tragic loss of documents, data, or records. So going digital is the best way to avoid the re-occurrence of such experiences. When you digitally store your data, it allows for a huge volume of data in less space compared to hard copies. A lot of Youth in Nigeria today are used to changing gadgets from time to time. So once their photos, music, files, contacts are stored regularly on the data storage apps, it would be very easier for them to change phones without any fear of data loss. A fire outbreak, water leak, accident, theft, and so on can ruin years’ worth of records, files, and data. These apps also allow you to store hard copies files as a backup because hardcopies are fragile.

It enables easy access to files or records anywhere and anytime. Most applications (scholarship, admission, job, loan, etc) these days are done online. When you have all your original documents backed up online, it would be much easier for you to access them via your smartphones. More also, it makes it less difficult for you to complete your application without unnecessary scanning of documents for every application.

For instance, I went for an IELTS examination at Edo State from Kwara State. And fortunately, I meet high top personnel who requested for my Curriculum Vitae and some other documents after a short discussion. The only step I made was to access my data on my Dropbox account and went to a Café for printouts.

Here are some of the best Andriod backup apps to help keep your data, contacts, media, etc.

1. Dropbox
2. Google Photos
3. Google Drive

7. File/Data sharing Mobile Apps

It is very advisable to install a file sharing app on your smartphone because it saves you time, stress, and money. With the help of Xender for example, you can send and receive files, pdfs, videos, etc without going through the stress of searching or downloading directly online. As a student, you can easily get textbooks and materials from others.

Here are the most common file sharing Apps you can install on your smartphones.

1. Xender
2. SHAREit
3. ShareMe
4. AirDroid
5. Files by Google

8. File Viewer/Reader Apps

Although, it is possible to view and read some files on your smartphones without any special app. But you to be able to do more than just viewing because the situation might warrant you do some adjustment or editing on some of your documents. Most youths believe more in their laptops when it comes to saving documents, viewing and editing, but what if you misplaced/crashed your laptop or you’re unable to access a café or business center. With the help of these apps, you can access the data you saved via your system and edit them on your smartphones before submission or before you print them out, as the case may be.

I believe if you have an Adobe Reader on your smartphone, it will save you time and expenses. For instance, you might be required or need to convert a particular document from Word to Pdf and vice versa. This can be done via your smartphone with just a click instead of going to a café that will attract charges.

Here are three common file reader Apps for smartphones.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
2. WPS Office
3. Microsoft Word

On a final note

These are the most essential apps you can install on your smartphones to help you maximally utilize the opportunities available to us by the advent of the digital world. By having the right apps and tools at your disposal, your journey towards developing and achieving your goals is just a step ahead of you. Do well to go on deeper research to get to know other essential apps you might need to fully develop yourself as a youth.