Can you imagine how fruitless it could be, having poultry capacity of 10 birds and aiming to supply 50 creates of eggs monthly?

Likewise how unsuccessful it could be setting a particular self-ambition without constant improvement or development of skills, capabilities, and abilities. Personal development as the case may be, has to do with continuous self-transformation towards the realization of one’s dream or ambition.

In any personal achievement plan, commitment to personal development is the first step to be taken. This content contains five basic factors that can determine the success and failure of one’s ambition while engaging in self-improvement.

The Greed Factor

Don’t ever mistake “greediness” for an “opportunity”. When you make use of any chance for progress and advancement, you’re an opportunist but someone whose focus is to attain more and more of something they want even at the expense of others is a greedy person. Greed only eats up a person so that he/she is wasted away due to the heat of bad traits it makes one develop. Traits like jealousy, anger, selfishness, and unrealistic competition among others. Quick money syndrome is also a paramount greedy trait common among most youth. So I suggest you focus on developing yourself towards utilizing the proper means to an end.

However, it is important to note that youth still mistake “greediness” for “desire”. People tend to believe the excessive desire for what they want is called being focused. This is wrong. A desire turns into greed when you seek to have all of it and always with you alone. This orientation will only deter your social factor, thereby making you seek success and achievement at the expense of others. When this greed is not controlled, it develops rapidly. And you will end up having an unfulfilled desire or unachieved goals because when you eventually fulfill the one you wish, you seek to fulfill another.

This big question while developing yourself should be

“how can you understand and control your greed?”

To answer this question, you need to focus on three major things.
(i) A sense of direction.
(ii) Ability to follow your passion and not wealth.
(iii) Ability to live for others.

The Need Factor

This is more like a sense of direction. Youth and even people generally make the error of trying to do more and more. This only hinders your path to success, because you end up overloading yourself with what you don’t need to be doing. So your focus for self-development should be how you can set those things you want to achieve from life. When these are put in place, you will be able to have confidence in your judgment and decision. The main essence of having sense of direction is that it tells you what you should be doing, what you should be seeking, and what you should be avoiding. When you have a focused goal, it will make it easier for you to know what skills you need to develop, what ability you need to pull out towards your self-achievements. When you are in control of the “need factor”, you can properly reduce the unnecessary workloads and focus on improving the essential means to your goals. That is, instead of wasting your efforts on less important things, you tend to tailor your efforts towards your path to success and do it better.

For instance, I have the dream of becoming a well-known criminologist, this has been my sense of direction and it helps me in drawing my development plan. As such, I streamlined my development towards the achievement of skills, knowledge, and abilities to be an outstanding criminologist. i.e, I will rather go for a problem-solving skill, a degree in criminology, and law & legal knowledge and instead of putting in for an MBA program or trying to acquire all skills.

The Fear Factor

Fears only impair the formation of long term memories which tends to affect the attainment of an individual’s dream or vision. It also weakens not only your skills and abilities but also your decisions and judgment. Just because of fear, many youths today fail right even before giving success a chance. Fear doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. Some youth are afraid of failure and some are afraid of a big success. Irrespective of whichever angle your fear lays, it will only prevent you from achieving what you are capable of and what you desire. Fear shouldn’t be seen as an end but as a tool to grow and develop.

So all possibilities to discover, face and eradicate your fear are what should be featured in your development plan. For instance, if you have fear of trust, risk, and failure, you can start by streamlining your development plan towards understanding your fears and how you can embrace, and manipulate them towards achieving your goals.

The Social Factor

There is no doubt about the saying that “no man is an Island”. As such, your relationship with others determines your progress on your path to goal achievement and success. Association is a double-edged sword, which either lifts you or pulls you down. When you streamline your development plan to improve your relationship skills, you will be able to see which relationships are to be cut off and those that worth investing in towards the achievement of your goals. If you don’t take this social factor seriously, you will take all relationships as they come your way. And by so doing, you end up spending time with people not because you help each other to be better but because you spend time together.

This social factor is also important when strategizing on your career development. Because when you associate with the right people, you uncover certain opportunities. However, as a youth in Nigeria today, you are saddled with the unavoidable hunt for a job. So if you develop and build meaningful relationships with people in your professional horizon, this will increase your chances of getting a job. Haven understood the importance of the relationship with others.

I will recommend you invest your efforts in developing the following skills.

(i) Networking skills.
(ii) Interpersonal or soft skills.
(iii) Relationship management skills.

The Motivating Factor

There is always this feeling to give up and never keep going. But you should always have a mindset that on the path to success, there lay challenges. But perseverance should be your key motivating factor. Motivation is all about building the willingness to achieve your goals. When you have a clear sense of direction, it would be easy to see the importance of any action you take towards achieving your goals irrespective of how enjoyable or difficult it could be.

So your focus should be on how to discover what motivates you and what will keep you going. Because clarifying the reasons behind what you wish to achieve will help you stay focused and persevere. For instance, I am studying Criminology and Security studies because I have a passion to be an outstanding Criminologist. That alone has to be my motivating factor. But on the other hand, I am also motivated by the fact that “in all I do, I must leave a blueprint on humanity”.

The big question now is what motivates you?

This question can be answered if you can answer the following hiding questions behind the big one.

(i) How can you make an impact?
(ii) What would you love to do?
(iii) Who do you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years?

Once you can come up with answers to these questions. You are only a step away to figure out what your main motivators would be.


When you put effort, time, and money into developing yourself, the rewards are always mind-blowing. However, when all these factors are considered, examined, and developed, it will ensure that all your activities, efforts and actions continue to move towards your goals and ambitions. It will also help in making your goals and ambitions important and relevant to you. Each factor makes you see each endeavor and steps towards your goals for its value and making it easier to do what you wish and need to do.