Awesome Steps to Starting a Career in Writing

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Honing one’s writing skills involves consistency and diligence of practice. Gone are the days when writing is looked upon as what people do out of idleness. Such that the average man’s perception about writing is that it is what people resort to when all other things have failed and they have nothing whatsoever left to do. Contrary to all these, writing is a full-fledged business that people do for a living. This is because writing has evolved over the years from something everyone can do to what a specific few who have been specially trained do, have to do daily so that they can master it well. Writing is now profitable as writers now need to deliver result-oriented content, effectively tailored to meet the client’s needs. This is a major departure from what writing used to be in times past when it attracts a little pay or none at all.

Here, I will be taking you through some of the tips necessary to build an important writing brand and how to make money from writing.

Hone your writing skill

Like every other art, being a master in writing art involves continuous learning and practicing. The first major thing to do is to improve your writing skill. This involves improving your grammar and adjusting your sense of perception, comprehension, and presentation. These are three major pillars on which writing revolves around. You perceive first before comprehension, after which you proceed to present it in through writing in such a way that whosoever reads the content will not only understand the message but also be persuaded by its words. This can be done by focusing on the general messages; the big picture of what everything is saying, understand the purpose of every word, and its importance in the definition of the theme in question.

Create an offline and online writing portfolio

As a writer, you need to keep an archive for all previous writing works you have done. It is also important to make this available online and offline. You could create a captivating offline portfolio by documenting your previous writings to create a magazine that could be shown to your potential clients to assess your writing credibility. Platforms like Blogger, Medium, WordPress are content publishing websites that can be used to build your online portfolio, and for anyone willing to hire you, it is easy to send your link to them to see your previous writings. You could also add the online link to your CV for prospective recruiters.

Make effective use of social media

Regardless of your niche or areas of writing, social media serves to connect you with potential clients and customers. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have content sharing features that you could use to showcase your writing skills by publishing catchy content for people you are connected to.


If you are fortunate enough to realize on time that where you want to be is in the writing business. You don’t want to be mediocre at it, do you? This is why it is better to explore ways to be excellent at writing such that there should be no one who can do it like you. This is going to involve you creating a niche for yourself and it’s not going to happen until you have learnt all that is there to learn. One of the best ways to get this done is to volunteer for writing jobs at the best writing firms. While you are there, know and believe that you are there because of what you stand to gain. Most people make the mistake of thinking all there is to volunteer jobs is having something to keep you busy. This is not so. This is the major reason why it is best to choose the leading writing businesses there is. One gets to learn not only writing in itself which is the major service to offer in the business but also every other thing that is necessary to facilitate the smooth running of the business.



Once you have gained the in-demand writing skills and know-how. You might want to consider starting your career through freelancing. This involves doing jobs for people while you charge them on a rate basis. This depends on the volume and the category of writing services one has been hired to do. There are several freelancing sites online you might want to join. You might need to register on PayPal and any other e-payment to facilitate payment of money earned from these freelancing jobs into your account number. Freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru has a lot of opening for content writers where you could register to get projects where you could earn and build your writing gig.

Navigate for opportunities

While you are working hard at getting your writing career off the ground. It is best to watch out for writing opportunities that can help advance your career and help you achieve the heights you desire.

To get this done, there is a need to subscribe to websites that publicize opportunities. Do well to check career blogs regularly. While watching out for opportunities, it is important to not relent even though it seems like your application for the opportunities keeps getting tossed. Keep doing what you do. Never give up. Platforms such as Listverse, Sitepoint, Fundsforwriters, Narratively, etc are platforms that specialize in providing opportunities for writers.

Focus on learning more

All said and done, there is a need to pay attention to the fact that consistency is key, which is why you need to be on your toes at all times. Keep updating your chest of knowledge. Subscribe to online courses that teach writing, go for seminars and lectures. Remember, the fact that you can conveniently churn out academic writings does not mean that is all. Broaden your horizon, enlarge your coasts, take up new fields of writing, and don’t rest on your laurels till you dominate in these new spheres. There are several courses on Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Futurelearn about various aspects of writing.

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Writing is a skill that has great prospects, both within and outside the borders of this country. What makes the difference over time is skills and talent. Talents that come to play in writing are creativity, innovation, good memory, etc. The question further boils down to how to get skills and talent. While talking about this, the problem is not so much whether one has skills or talent as much as it has to do with making people believe you do. The way you present yourself as a writer has a lot to say about the quality of the work you deliver to your clients. That is the first thing most people see before they even hire you to write contents for them, which is after they will get to know whether you write well or not

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