2020 ACI Foundation International Postgraduate Scholarships/Fellowships

The ACI Foundation awards more than $200,000 annually to students to both further their studies, and which provides professional exposure to the concrete industry and ACI by funding their travel to a number of ACI Concrete Conventions.

The ACI Foundation offers several Fellowship and undergraduate Scholarship opportunities for students and E-Members. ACI Foundation Fellowships and Scholarships are awarded annually to help students with an interest in concrete achieve their educational and career goals. The student must be considered a full-time undergraduate or graduate student as defined by the college or university during the award year.


Application is open to students globally Scholarship is available for undergraduates and graduate programmes (Masters, PhD) Eligible Fields of Study: Structural Design, Materials, Construction

After answering some qualifying questions, the form will automatically display the fellowships and scholarships for which you may be eligible. Before beginning the application, have the answers ready for these questions:

  • Have you ever received a fellowship or scholarship award from the ACI Foundation?
  • When submitting the application, what is your current academic status (Undergraduate/Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD)?
  • When the award year begins in Fall 2021, what will your academic status be (Undergraduate/Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD)?
  • (Fellowship applicants only) Following the application season, can you attend an interview at the spring ACI Concrete Convention on March 28, 2021? Travel, registration, and hotel arrangements will be made through and paid for by the ACI Foundation.
  • (For certain fellowships) Can you fulfill a 10- to 12-week internship during the summer of 2021?
  • You must be a full-time student for the entire school year.

Required Documents

All applicants must submit the following five items.

  • Applicant’s contact and educational information.
  • A resume.
  • A 500-word essay.

Discuss your interest in a long-term career in the concrete industry. Cite past, present, and future planned activities that demonstrate the level of your interest in the general field of concrete. As appropriate, comment on your course work, employment, professional development, academic or personal projects, competitions, professional or personal service, research, publications, involvement in ACI or other organizations, and other related activities. If the fellowship or scholarship for which you are applying has specific requirements, be sure to address those requirements as well.

  • Official transcripts: Read more about transcript submittal below.
  • Two endorsements, which are statements of evaluation of the applicant, in terms of potential for growth, character, leadership capacity and career interest.

Be prepared with the names and email addresses of your endorsers.

One endorser must be an ACI member (non-student) and the other should be an employer (if possible) or professor. Often, it is easier to locate and contact an ACI member at your school. To search for an ACI member or faculty in your area, please visit the Member Directory. Only ACI members can search the member directory. Not a member? Sign up! it’s free for students. If your professor is not an ACI member, joining the Faculty Network brings with it a free one-year ACI membership and you can suggest the professor join the Faculty Network.

How to Apply:

Click here to apply online

More Information

Deadline: 2nd November, 2020.